Three Down, One To Go.

Day 84/112  ✨

One month left EXACTLY!!

Been having some crazy ass emotions regarding finishing my first 16 week challenge these past couple of days;

– Have I done enough?
– Have I trained enough?
– Could I have eaten better?
– Should I have trained twice a day?
– I’m not where I wanna be.

But then I realised, none of that matters. I’ve worked so hard, I’ve committed for 12 weeks (so far!) with so few moments of eating off plan and my mindset is so different now. I am different!! And I’m happy!

So, whatever the results in the next 4 weeks are (and I’ll have lost over 20kgs so why am I even complaining) I know for sure I’m gonna be so proud of myself with what the scales say, what I look like and what I’ve achieved!

So with that in mind, I’m not going to weigh myself for these next 4 weeks! I’m just gonna go hard at the gym, use my amazing nutritional cleansing system and leave it up to The Universe!

And anyway, this is only just the beginning! The 100lb Club is waiting for me and my next challenge will start the very next day this one finishes!


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