Manifestation Is Everything.

I’m writing this from bed 9B, Ward 81 in Auckland City Hospital. It is 1940 on Friday evening and I’m nil by mouth as I’m waiting for surgery on an infected whitetail bite under my arm.

This ain’t my first rodeo either, I was on the receiving end of a whitetail in June last year, although that one was much worse and I was in hospital for 3 days that time. In fact, I was very well acquainted with the North Shore Hospital in 2016 as I had 4 surgeries in 11 months! This is coming from someone that had seen the inside of my local hospital back home a grand total of twice in my life, and one of those times was my arrival onto this plane. So I don’t understand what was going on last year that kept bringing me back!

However, I know without hesitation what got me here this time. It was my brain.

On Monday, I was reflecting over how I was so incredibly tired! And that’s something that I very rarely feel. I’m energised about 99% of my day and I slow down minutes before sleeping. Getting back into the working life, building a business and gymming constantly, whilst out of routine and sleeping on my friends floor had me all out of whack.

Out of nowhere, I happened to remember when I had been in hospital the year before, I had spent the whole time asleep and I’d left feeling like I’d been on vacay; refreshed and rested. As far as my conscious mind was aware, that was as far as the thought process went. Clearly my unconscious mind continued on the tangent!

Four days later, I’m pending surgery, I’ve been asleep for 3 hours and it’s nearly 8pm. It seems that my brain realised that I was in need of sleep, hospitals provide the sleep and next minute, I have a reason to call in.

Undergoing surgery is not an ideal way of rejuvenating yourself and I don’t recommend it. I also don’t think that this was the best way I could have gone about realising the power of manifestation; but that’s how it happened!

I ended up leaving hospital late Saturday. For some reason (apparently its a ginger thing?!), I always need a higher dose of morphine and anaesthetic so I was pretty drowsy all Saturday and slept through pretty much the whole day. I definitely feel rested now, but daily dressing changes are something I could have done without.

It’s been a huge lesson to me, your brain can absolutely make anything happen. Be careful what you focus on, that shit appears!


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