Food Shopping FAQs.

I get asked so much what I eat, how I shop, how much I eat,  how much I spend etc. So I thought it might be really helpful for me to do a little post about what I shop for!

Here’s a few things I always take into consideration;

  • How can I use as little packaging as possible (I always take reusable bags, I try to buy my veggies unpackaged and also reuse ziplocks at the self serve bulk foods. Save our Planet team.)
  • Which food is going bad/discounted/going to get binned if I don’t buy it.
  • Buy the ugly veg! It’s still perfectly fine, just a little bit funny looking
  • My budget for that week/fortnight (look at all those discount stickers!)
  • What I’m craving!
  • What is in season, therefore better taste and quality as well as cheaper


So as you can see, I don’t use plastic veg bags and try to avoid packaged veggies. However, discounts won over packaging this time, hence the packaged zucchini and mushies. I was so frustrated that our grocery store didn’t sell unpackaged corn! This amount of fresh food will last me about a week, once paired with all the other ingredients for meals!

Already in the pantry, I’ve got; an enormous can of tuna, the ingredients to make an easy pad thai sauce, gluten free spaghetti, a quinoa and brown rice mix, nooch sprinkle, half a kilo of cashews, turmeric, himalayan salt, dill tips, smoked paprika, nutritional yeast and some cacao. In the freezer, I’ve got some gluten free sausages and some cauli/kumara hashcakes. In the fridge; olives, sauerkraut, beets, hummus and cherry toms.

This whole shop cost under $30, which is amazing for New Zealand! Also, the burgers were from my housemate, so I didn’t pay for those!

The eggs are for the pad thai, but also for boiling for an easy, on-the-go snack.


As you can see from this different weeks shopping, I tend to revolve around the same veggies. They’re all versatile, able to be cooked in so many ways and all delicious raw too. Also, the greener the veggie, the better it is for you! Can’t get enough of those green leafies.

Anyway, hope this helps y’all that have been asking recently. Remember to fire any other questions at me! xo


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