Munchy Seeds

These things are DELICIOUS! I eat them as a snack but they're also delicious sprinkled on a salad or meal.


Kindness Is Free (But Worth So Much)

But the funny thing is that as soon as you get into these funks, these grumbles over little things that can't be changed, it kicks your whole day off into a downward spin. I'm definitely guilty of letting one tiny event throw me off kilter. Isn't that so silly?


Self Love

I almost deleted this picture. I looked at it and saw my thunder thighs touching and my big pants and my tummy and my stretch marks and thought "bye Felicia" . Then I stopped. And I looked again.


Hospital Gratitudes.

" I was waiting for my friend to pick me up to head home, I was reflecting over my stay and what lessons and gratitudes I could take away from it..." What are you Grateful for?